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Extraterrestrial Real Estate

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Extraterrestrial real estate refers to claims of land ownership on other planets, natural satellites, or parts of space by certain organizations or individuals. Previous claims are not recognized by any authority, and have no legal standing. Nevertheless, some private individuals and organizations have claimed ownership of celestial bodies, such as the Moon, and are actively involved in “selling” parts of them through certificates of ownership termed “Lunar deeds”, “Martian deeds” or similar. While personal claims have little weight, whole countries could potentially lay claim to colonizing certain bodies. Extraterrestrial Real Estate not only deals with the legal standpoints of potential colonization, but how it could be feasible for long-term real estate. There are multiple factors to consider in using another planet for real estate including how to create a real estate market, transportation, planetary protection, astrobiology, sustainability, and the orbital real estate of the planet, as well.

Notable claims :

Chilean lawyer Jenaro Gajardo Vera became famous for his 1953 claim of ownership of the Moon.

Martin Juergens from Germany claims that the Moon has belonged to his family since July 15, 1756, when the Prussian king Frederick the Great presented it to his ancestor Aul Juergens as a symbolic gesture of gratitude for services rendered, and decreed that it should pass to the youngest born son.

A. Dean Lindsay made claims for all extraterrestrial objects on June 15, 1936, and sent a letter to Pittsburgh Notary Public along with a deed and money for establishment of the property. The public sent offers to buy objects from him as well.[3] He had previously made claims on the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

James T. Mangan (1896–1970) was a famous eccentric, public relations man and best-selling author on self-help topics who publicly claimed ownership of outer space in 1948. Mangan founded what he called the Nation of Celestial Space and registered it with the Recorder of Deeds and Titles of Cook County, Illinois, on January 1, 1949.

Robert R. Coles, former chairman of New York’s Hayden Planetarium, started “the interplanetary Development Corporation”[19] and sold lots on the moon for one dollar per acre ($2.50/ha).

Dennis Hope, an American entrepreneur, sells extraterrestrial real estate. In 1980, he started his own business, the Lunar Embassy Commission. As of 2009 Hope claimed to have sold 2.5M 1-acre (0.40 ha; 4,000 m2) plots on the Moon, for around US$20 per acre ($50/ha). He allocates land to be sold by closing his eyes and randomly pointing to a map of the Moon. He claims two former US presidents as customers, stating Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan had aides purchase the plots on the moon.

In 1997, Adam Ismail, Mustafa Khalil and Abdullah al-Umari, three men from Yemen, sued NASA for invading Mars. They claim that they “inherited the planet from our ancestors 3,000 years ago”, before the Islamic prophet Muhammad. They based their argument on mythologies of the Himyaritic and Sabaean civilizations that existed several thousand years B.C.

Gregory W. Nemitz claimed ownership of Asteroid 433 Eros, on which NEAR Shoemaker landed in 2001. His company, called “Orbital Development”, issued NASA an invoice of $20 for parking the spacecraft at the asteroid. NASA declined to pay, citing the lack of legal standing.

Richard Garriott, computer game designer and astronaut’s son, legitimately purchased the Lunokhod 2 lunar lander from the Russian Space Agency. Since then he jokingly claimed the rest of the Moon in the name of his gaming character, Lord British.

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